Take Me To The Woods- New video out today!🎈

While I´m making up new dreams....

This whole video (except for one scene) is shot in the woods. And most of it around midnight...

The arm/portrait choreography is shot at 2 am. Yes I am a night person.

I hope this adds to the soul of it.

These things usually takes much more time then you plan... (It´s the same as with money. Doesn't´t matter how much you got...you´ll find ways to make it disappear, right? I think I´m better with money then time...)

I´m fortunate though to have passionate creative people around who are eager to join in my uncomfortable ideas. I´m always surprised that they say yes. Haha.

For some scenes we didn´t have vehicles so we packed a bunch of bikes with camera equipment, gas driven generators, light rigs and went into the woods. Which is kind of insane but it worked fine!

The dancer side in me enjoys when it´s physical too. To avoid getting comfortably numb.

We had pretty good luck with the weather. During one scene it´s was cloudy all day but then the sun shone through the trees and lit up the fog. Looked magical for 5 min before it disappeared again. And it was all we needed.

Rain turned the ground into swamp so we pulled a McGyver and covered it with ferns. (And I was not even a Girl Scout (!) cause sadly it was the same time as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was on TV).

I´m not gonna say to much about the meaning of this. It´s a portrait. And maybe you´ll find some pieces of the puzzle. And a homage to Kate Bush.

This is my eight video from the Rainbows & Tears album.

Recorded at Sound Society Studio together with Rasmus Diamant and Petter Diamant.

More things are coming. Stay tuned!