VIDEO RELEASE! Perhaps (Was Too Proud To Love You)

This video is based on a dream that I've had for years. I'm in this big empty house and I'm looking for someone who always disapears.

Going through rooms, falling in and out of differents scenes...And trying different things, looking for a way to get this person to finally stay. Change the course of the repeating story.

I catch a glimpse, there's turbulens and smoke, and the person is gone again.

It's the wrong place at the wrong time and I´m going back to the same place trying to solve something that already happened.

Heartbreak is lonely. You shouldn't feel regret. But if you do feel regret maybe you should really feel it? Close your eyes and move through it in a soft shimmer?

I also see this house as an inner go-to place where you can really dwell in it. The emotional state of experiencing heartbreak. The place you're a bit stuck in.

And the people dancing at the disco of the broken hearted... I imagen that they in their minds are in their own "houses", reliving their past.

I made this video together with Michael Tebinka in a deserted house on a cold winter day.

I hope you enjoy this one!