Podcast (in swedish)

I have a friend who´s a great journalist/ radio personality. She´s funny, quick and great with words. Also a very good rapper/hiphop artist- Frida Scar. Love her and we have much fun together! She has started her own podcast and she asked me to be her first guest. I´m honored! So after a long day of recording we sat down for a chat. Listen here:

I think it´s hard sometimes to describe with words what I want to communicate in music. Some things you just need to feel?

I think music and dance is an expression for things we need to communicate but can´t find the words for. (Words are great but we are so much more. ) A gateway to the soul. A true self that´s not tucked away and hidden behind the roles that we are given in society, at work, with your family & friends etc.

But these roles might serve a purpose? If everyone was always in this mindset it would get kind of heavy and too much, no? There´s probably a reason why we go between different moods and personalities...? Constantly changing. Just make sure you move and don´t get stuck. Dance a little?

We don't talk about that but we do our best to put our thoughts and feelings into words.

We did ok.

/ The perfectionist