Ida Long

”The earlier resemblance to Kate Bush, Lykke Li, Fiest and Björk are outdated. 

Ida Long is standing strong on her journey towards her own expression people will later refer too.” - HiFi & Musik Mats Lundgren


”We Got”- This song is just as sweet as Ida Long herself. You’ll feel rays of sun shining in your face while listening to the track, I promise”. - Nordic By Nature Berlin

”If Ida Long’s debut album “Walk Into The Fire” was promising, her sophomore record “Rainbows & Tears” released earlier this year gave us more than any of us probably expected. “Baby Gone” and extremely positive “We Got”, is among the finest songs we’ve heard this year yet.” - Beehype

”The album is unearthly poetic and magic. 5 stars.” Gefle Dagblad 

”Tomorrow’s headline act: Ida Long edges towards Madonna-style disco ecstasy”. Music Week (UK) 

”Ida Long’s concurrent work as musician and an artist are both striking on their own, and elevate to another level when combined."  


Ida Long is a Swedish indie-pop artist with a flare for the poetic arts, the emotional and the dramatic. Having a weakness for 80´s synth-pop, dream pop, ’one-hit wonders’, hip-hop, alternative electronica and cinematic scores, her musical creations are a pastiche of styles and influences. 


Ida is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer who loves filmmaking and this too plays a big part in her music. Much of her inspiration is drawn from the contemporary art & dance scenes as well as the underground dance community. 


She has drawn many accolades from the music media. In its review of Ida’s live performance at the Indie Sweden Festival in April 2017 the online UK music blog TooManyBlogs’ described her as ”having been forging a path as one of the most innovative singer-songwriters in Sweden and northern Europe for several years now”, while Poland’s Beehype said that tracks from Ida’s most recent album, Rainbows and Tears, counted ”...amongst  the finest songs we’ve heard this year...”


Indeed, Rainbows & Tears has been praised by critics and music bloggers across the world. The single Mannen på taket (Man on the Roof) was her first in her native Swedish language, and was hailed not only there but internationally. Her self-produced and award-winning music video to the album’s opening track Baby Gone – which was ranked as one of the Best Songs of 2016 by CMU (UK) – was praised by the New York-based art community My Modern Met.


In Music Week and Uncut (UK) Ida Long has been compared to both Kate Bush and Madonna, as well as Portishead and even ABBA (!) although such analogies are becoming dated. As the Swedish music magazine HiFi & Musik said, ”Ida Long is standing strong on her journey towards her own expression”, hinting that before long people will be comparing artists to her rather than the other way around.


So far Ida Long’s most compelling international claim to fame has been her internationally award-winning recorded version of the Tears for Fears song Mad World, which featured in trailers for the American TV series Mad Men. 


Domestically within Sweden Ida Long continues to work with a wide range of artists, some of them from her home town of Gävle. They have included the renowned Stockholm-based electro-mixers Mintelligence while recently she has been creating new material with the ambient electronic maestro David Lehnberg. And in her spare time she is the voice of the much admired cult indietronic specialists Baron Bane. On the international scene Ida has worked with the South Korean EDM artist Mad Fresh and with several artists and producers in Japan. 


Since starting her solo career in 2010 Ida Long has toured Europe several times. She has also performed at clubs in New York, while living there to seek musical inspiration and studying dance for top choreographers from both Top Model and Cirque du Soleil. In Sweden, a performance by Ida Long at the Swedish Goverment’s Music Export Awards once moved Marie Fredriksson of Roxette-fame to tears. 

Ida Long is currently working on her next album, to be released in 2018.


”Ida Long’s concurrent work as musician and an artist are both striking on their own, and elevate to another level when combined. To date she has released four singles from her latest album, ‘Rainbows & Tears’: ‘(I Get So) Dramatic’, ‘We Got’, ‘Baby Gone’ and most recently ‘Mannen På Taket’, her first single in her native Swedish. The video for each track has its own distinct visual style to accompany the music, not least ‘Mannen På Taket’, which sets stark dancemoves and monochrome outfits against the rippling music, underpinned by cello drones and piano. The song’s delicate frame is hammered by hefty percussion on its chorus, along with a bassline that bubbles up through the gaps.” CMU / Complete Music Update, June 7, 2016 (UK)

”With Rainbows & Tears Ida Long has found a range that I suspect even Ida herself didn’t know she had. With everything from dance to ballad to pop and moods that alternate between dark and facetious, but with the accent still on dark… It is her most complete work yet and one that will certainly find favour with discerning music fans.” Toomanyblogs (UK) 

“Ida Long is an exceptional talent. To her expressive personality belongs an unmistakable voice that blends with a repertoire of dance and theater in her music videos for an impressive and often melancholic artwork. Musically you can trace influences by Goldfrapp, Kate Bush, Bjork and Feist.” depechemode.de (Germany) 

”Very few people creates distinctive and original music, as Ida Long. If you've yearned for by sensual and enjoyable music that carries two sides of different emotions, you will love Ida Long and her album Rainbows & Tears, from the very first notes. 5 stars.” Top 10 / Best albums / Muzoic (Russia) 

”Best album this spring!” Dr. Indie 

"I would describe her music as "Portishead meets Kate Bush" and her clips as "Kate Bush meets David Lynch". Yet, what Ida produces is actually very original and you should listen to her and watch her videos with an open mind". . Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska in her book Symphony In Blue: Kate Bush and her legacy (NL))


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